Juan Fernando Maguid - Senior Interactive Art Director

This is a selection of my best work done during the last couple of years both as freelance and employed.
Heart Communication - Digital Creative
Heart is a small communication company and I worked there for 6 months. Everything from app design to responsive website building to motion graphics for the state of Västermanland. Thermo Fischer Scientific, Ipsen and eHälsomyndigheten are a few of their clients I worked with.
Role: Digital creative
Worked there: 2015.02–2015.08
Unibet - Visual designer
At Unibet I worked in a very large UX team. I did most work on the My Account section of the site and on the big brand refresh that launched end of January 2015. But also smaller stuff like icons, presentations etc.
Role: Visual designer
Worked there: 2014.02–2015.02
Appanero - Art director, animator & developer
At Appanero I designed over 12 apps, made a kids game inside Photoshop and animated a couple of trailers. One app even got featured by the mighty Apple themselves, 5:2 Recept.
Role: Art Director, animator, developer
Worked there: 2013.01–2013.12
Screen Interaction - Digital designer
I worked mostly with Ericsson related projects but also with a lot of internal thingies like infographics and info movies.
Role: Digital designer
Worked there: 2012.01–2012.12
Temperamento - Head poncho
As Temperamento I have been freelancing on and off since 2001 doing everything from magazine editorial design, web design, music, animation, motion graphics, video editing, apps, games. What drives me is learning something new and challenging myself.
Role: Head poncho
Worked there: 2001.11–
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